Planning A Construction Project

Construction and design of a home can be very complex. Even more, the items that tend cause pain points during a project sometimes don't include the actual construction. The are the pre-planning procedures that ultimately set up the project for success or failure. Here are a couple items to keep in mind when planning your next project.

Sustainability Energy Code 2020: Building Envelope

These code provisions will significantly improve building performance during the life cycle and also increase coordination efforts during design and construction. Which is why they should be reviewed prior to any design and construction as to avoid unforeseen issues during construction.

ADU Densification, A Solution to the California Housing Crisis

If you have looked for an apartment or home rental in a large city such as Los Angeles, you have probably run into the issue of having to either search for an undetermined amount of time to find a good place or look move the outskirts for something more within your price range. Fortunately through … Continue reading ADU Densification, A Solution to the California Housing Crisis